About Me




I'm a photographer based in London. I specialise in Documentary, Lifestyle and Spaces. As well as my usual work you may see familiar faces here from time to time; my family are, thankfully, willing photographic guinea pigs.

I grew up in the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. A beautiful place but eventually you get tired of photographing trees and squirrels (My landscape and wildlife photographer colleagues would disagree, no doubt!). After a number of scholarly mishaps throughout my teens and early twenties I found myself studying a BA (Hons) degree in Photographic Arts at the University of Westminster where I happened to live with a number of film students. Growing a little disillusioned with the academic side of photography and having fallen in love with Ursula Coyote's work on Breaking Bad and Helen Sloan's work on Game of Thrones I weaseled my way onto the set of some of my friends films and I was absolutely hooked.

Through working and traveling, spending time in places like Iceland, New York and Paris, as well as my favourite home city; I've poured myself into other photographic endeavors like street photography, lifestyle and architecture while I continue to learn and be inspired.

Please feel free to follow me via my social media links and keep up to date with what I'm working on next - and of course if you'd like to work with me then don't hesitate to get in touch.